How to update my nominees?

Please login to your account using your reference number and date of birth and add your nominees. You nominees will be required to approve by department.

Why my application is rejected?

The following reasons may fall to refect your application:

  1. Unidentifiable worker photo
  2. Invalid or insufficient documents
  3. Invalid nominee
  4. Incorrect bank account information

You can update your missing or incorrect data and submit your application again.

How do I complete my worker registration?

Please login to your account using your reference number given at the time of registration for the first time and your date of birth. You can continue to further steps for uploading pasport photo, edit your personal information, adding nominees, upload address proof, bank passbook, identity proof. The step form will guide you to submit the apllication. Please submit your application after fullfiling all the requirements. You would not be able to edit any data after final submission.

How do I register as a worker?

Please folow the link below:

First complete the form and submit, once you have submitted the form, you will get a reference number, this reference number will be used to login to your account. Please not that you have not completed the application, to complete the application please follow the steps below:

  1. Upload a passport photograph
  2. Add you nominnes
  3. Upload required documents
  4. Add Bank Account

After completing the requirements, you can submit the application to the department for approval.

How to update my bank account details?

Please contact department to make any changes.

How to update my personal information?

Please login to your account using your reference number and date of birth. Go to edit profile link on your left menu to edit your information. Once you have submitted the apllication you would not be able to edit any information.

In case you are approved, you have to contact department for any changes.

How to check my application status?

Please follow the link provide your reference number and check.

I cannot login to my account, I forgot my reference number

Please contact department and provide your information to get your reference number.