a. All registered building workers and their spouse dependent sibling and children shall be eligible for skill development training. There shall be no minimum duration of registration with the board.

b. The following courses shall be eligible for the training:-

  1. Vocational/Skill development courses offered in any sector/trade/stream of duration of one month and more, and upto three years.
  2. Course run by the Government training providers/organizations leading to the award of a certificate/diploma/degree issued by the Government or body authorised by it provided that such courses lead to wage employment of a significant proportions of trainees post completion of training or
  3. Course run by private/non-Governmental training providers provided that at least 70% of trainees are able to get wage employment upon completion course. A list of the Government/Private/NGO training provider approved by it shall be notified by the Board for this purpose of the course.

c. Financial assistance shall be provided for the following costs:-

The scale of financial assistance for per trainee coat may vary depending upon the types of course, duration, likely placement and salary levels. However the training provider shall ensure that a linkage between the cost incurred in the training and the subsequent salary earned by the skilled person is as per the table below:

Rs.5,000/- to 8,000/- 3X
Rs.8,001/ to 10,000/- 3.5X
Above Rs.10,000/- 4X

The financial assistance for boarding and lodging upto Rs.150/- per day

d. Financial assistance may be extended to the training provider selected by the Board for setting up/Improving training capacities in the form of grant-in-aid for setting up or upgradation of training and boarding/lodging infrastructure, purchase or repairing of equipment for training. Setup or upgradation or monitoring and training infrastructure, administrative cost and other reasonable expenditure found necessary for setting up or improving training capacities. The scale of financial assistance for setting up/improving training capacities shall be decided by the Board on a case-to-case basis. The Proposals for giving financial shall target eligible dependents per year for a period of three years.

  1. Per-trainee course cost payable either to the registered building worker beneficiary or the training provider. The per trainee cost includes the tuition or course fees, purchase of books and tool kits, boarding/lodging costs, compensation of loss of daily wages for the duration of the trainee in the form of stipend or otherwise and any other reasonable expenditure found necessary for conducting the training. Payment of the same shall be made in the following cost only:-
    1. per trainee cost payable to the training provider selected by the board.
    2. per trainee coast payable to the trainee as scholarship to attend course approved by the board or
    3. cost to fil up the gap between the funding cost and per trainee cost in case of the course for which part funding is available through Government programmes/ schemes.